High School Has Impacted My Life Essay

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High school has impacted my life in so many ways. High School taught me so many things, from personal relationships to creating a relationship with my education. As a freshman, I made a huge amount of mistakes and I regret doing foolish things, but I’ve realized, I was only maturing into the young adult I am today. Freshman year, I was out of focus and I was only trying to find myself. I would also prioritize other things and ignore my parent’s advice, where they would tell me to focus in school and give it my full attention. It took me about 2 years to find myself and know where I belonged. My behavior has improved, I know how and when to approach people. I’m also more involved with my education and I make goals for myself. I’m done having…show more content…
I’m only taking 5 classes this year, which makes my life a little less stressing. My toughest subject this year was probably Economics. It was something different, a new experience. I was introduced to a whole new level of vocabulary and it was tough to memorize. I also did horrible in the tests, but I was able to push through that and I managed to pass the class with a B. My weakness this year was probably not having enough sleep. I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep, and I realized I can’t focus when I’m in class. My strength this year was probably becoming more organized and setting a specific schedule for myself everyday. Since I have to work, I need to make specific time for my homework. I also need to have specific time to shower and get ready for school in the morning. The project I’m most proud of is probably my first semester college algebra project. I invested a lot of time on the project, making sure I had everything done correctly. Although I didn’t get a good grade on it, I know that I invested time and put hard work in it. The assignment that was not as good as I expected, was my Macbeth essay. I was under pressure, since it was part of my English final. I didn’t try my best because I was in a rush, but I should’ve studied the night
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