High School Memoir

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I consider high school to be one of the most important parts in a child’s life. From the ages of fourteen to eighteen, anything can happen in one’s life. High school is a place where many major changes can occur in a young adult. It is a place where one goes from being just a kid, to turning into a young adult that is ready to venture out into the real world. It is a place where a person can decide where they best fit in and what they enjoy the most. The biggest thing that happens while in high school is when a person figures out their own beliefs and morals to follow and stand by. A person’s morals and beliefs are what helps to make a person’s identity. It enables them to open up and find him or herself. To me, when a person finally figures…show more content…
I never thought I would have to be a part of this subject and was not sure what side I was on until it affected me personally for the first time. A friend of mine, who I have grown up with and who is practically a little brother to me, decided to tell his family he was homosexual. At first, I wasn’t sure how to react because it was all new to me. I had not known anyone so close to me to have such a major announcement as that before. The first thing I remember doing is telling him it was okay. I didn’t want him to think he wasn’t going to be loved by his friends and his family, and that I was going to think differently of him. Being so close to someone who has come to the realization of being homosexual and witnessing the strength it takes to do so can change a person drastically, just as it did to me. I went from being nearly against it to strongly supporting it. It allowed me to open my eyes and see that nothing is different about him, or anyone else who lives the same as him. From this I learned how accepting I can be towards others. I learned that judging someone based off of who they decide to love isn’t

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