High School Musical Analysis

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High School Musical, directed by Kenny Ortega, became a cultural phenomenon post its 2006 release. Underlying in its themes of acceptance and friendship, Troy Bolton experiences a Hero’s journey. High School Musical begins just as any hero’s journey with a call to adventure(1). In a typical call to adventure, the hero is introduced in a state of mundane normalcy when information received acts as a clarion call to leave their life of normalcy and “take up the sword.” Troy and Gabriella meet at a ski resort karaoke night, marking their first duet. This call to adventure opens Troy to the possibility of singing, despite going against the status quo set by his popular jock basketball star status. His story begins as most heros in a life of normalcy, called to the adventure of…show more content…
In classic hero tales, once the hero has committed to the quest, consciously or unconsciously, his guide and magical helper appears. Kelsi has “supernatural” musical ability and aids Troy and Gabriella in rehearsing their song and gaining the confidence to perform. Troy experiences his own road of trials(4) on his journey. In the classic structure, the road of trials is a series of tests that the person must undergo to begin the transformation. In High School Musical, Troy first auditions with Gabriella, and must face Sharpay and Ryan. His strength is tested as he aims to keep basketball and singing separate. These experiences act as a series of tests for Troy, making him prove his dedication to performing with Gabriella. Taylor and Chad act as “women as temptress”(5). This is often where the hero faces those temptations, often of a physical or pleasurable nature, that may lead him or her to abandon or stray from his or her quest. Taylor and Chad take this role, and urge and convince Troy not to sing with Gabriella. They take on this role as women as temptress(es) attempting to persuade him to stray away from his
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