High School Musical Themes

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High school, is the places where a lot of teens lose their sense of self. East High is a perfect example having superficial cliques and students being told to “stick to the status quo”. During winter break, Troy Bolton, the star basketball player for East High, goes to a sky resort with his family. He meets Gabriella, a beautiful honor student who’s new to Troy’s school, and they immediately fall in love. They find each other once again when school starts again, rekindling their connections only to be separated by their schools strict social hierarchy. Troy and Gabriella audition for the spring musical together. Ryan and Sharpay, twin and theater prodigies, create an even larger divide between them by introducing Gabriella to the Mathletes and ensuring that Troy is the captain of the basketball team. When their plan to separate them fails, Troy and Gabriella’s friends find out about the two’s audition. Some of their peers are inspired and open of about their hobbies outside of their stereotypes, while others tell them to stick to their predetermined roles. After more meddling from Ryan and Sharpay, Troy and Gabriella’s friends turn on them and creates a plan to break them up. Their plan works Troy and Gabriella are devastated, their friends see this and decide to fix what theyve done,…show more content…
Troy and Gabriella fought against their friends telling them that they cant like to sing because they play basketball or enjoy doing math. At the beginning we see Troy struggle with himself because he has his “Head in the game but [his] heart in the song”. At the end we see him happily expressing himself with both song and sports. This theme is very important for young children so that they know that it’s okay to like multiple things that people wouldn 't think that they like, and that it’s okay for they to have differing interests than others around
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