High School Nerds Make More Money, Says Social Science By Jordan Weissmann Summary

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The fascinating read, “High School Nerds Make More Money, Says Social Science” by Jordan Weissmann opens the eyes to how high school grade may impact one’s life. He states “researchers at the University of Miami have now published a study showing that students who earn better grades in high school also make more money as adults.” But this does not specify what classes will help impact the amount of money made. The study uses “high school transcripts” to validate the information. The details of the transcripts don’t give enough information to the reader. He voices, “A student’s high school GPA is a good predictor of whether he will finish college” which seems more as a opinion because there are no facts to back it up. Therefore, Jordan Weissmann article, “High School Nerds Make More Money, Says Social Science” leaves open the study, transcripts and how GPA predicts your time at college for any reader to argue. The study by the University of Miami is the prime resource for this article. But the study doesn’t state what classes they looked at to determine the conclusions. In the article, “Grades prove a point.” by USA Today they acknowledge that GPAs can include “non-academic courses”. These classes are elective that students may take to help their GPA rise. The USA Today…show more content…
But if the transcripts do not show the real grade for the students at hand what would that indicate for their income. In the article, “Honest grading in high school would help students” by USA Today the article states “main reason these unprepared students are admitted is because high school teachers such as Welsh pass them, creating a record indicating the students have learned something in high school when apparently they haven't.” Student’s grades may not be what they should be because teachers may be just passing them along. With that this information could be misleading to some students who may have had teachers pass them
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