High School-Personal Narrative

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In the middle of the winter of the 5th grade school year at Kaneland Mcdole Elementary, I decided to cover for my best friend so he wouldn't get in trouble from my teacher. It was very cold while I waited at the bus stop every morning trying to amuse myself by sliding down the icy driveways. Ethan S., Sergio, and Grant were my best friends in 5th grade. Sergio was Mexican and a little shorter than me. He also sat next to me in desks of 5 or 4. Grant was the best of friend anyone could have. He loved sports and sitting next to me on the bus. We got on the bus and on the way to school. Upstairs in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th classrooms in room 215, I felt really cold on the outside and inside. Everyone in the class watched me come into the room while the class was still going. "Good morning," Mrs. Lannert insisted as she was sitting at her desk in the top right corner of the room. She had short, red hair and glasses. Sometimes she was nice and sometimes she wasn't. "Good morning Mrs. Lannert," I replied. I walked to my desk to get my items out for the Oval, our sort of meeting place for the announcements. Mrs. Lannert walked toward the classroom library where I saw there was one book on the floor and one in the wrong place. "Who left this book on the floor?!" Mrs.…show more content…
Social studies was kind of fun because, we watched a cartoon on the 13 colonies. The teacher wanted to check how much of us did our homework. Almost half of the class raised her hand when she asked the class, "How many of you forgot to do their homework?" The people who didn't raise their hands were the girls and almost 3 boys or less. I was one of the people who did do the homework. The teacher didn't yell but she mummbled the words very loudly, "Put your heads on the table now." I felt so dissapointed when I had to put my head on your desk. But I was relieved when the teacher informed, "The girls and Elijah can keep their heads
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