High School Persuasive Speeches

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In Suncrest Elementary School, the school that I attend to, every year they would pick a fifth grader who has the best art picture and would be the cover of the year. I was excited to become a fifth grader because I want to be on the cover of the yearbook. It was until the beginning of April was when Mrs. Barnes was announcing that one student would have their art picture in the cover of the yearbook. I was so excited that one of my classmates including me would be chosen to cover of the yearbook and including in the newspaper. We all started working on our picture, but we were told that we had to include the words Suncrest Elementary School and making sure that we are spelling it correctly. We also had to add an eagle because it was our…show more content…
Barnes was announcing the 4th place it turns out to be the boy who I actually thought was going to be the winner. Everybody in my class got really surprised that they were wondering who could be better than him. While she was continuing on she announced that 2nd and 3rd place winner who weren’t in my class. Somehow I thought that I can’t be someone in my class, then so during that moment I didn’t really care who was the winner after. But Mrs. Barnes said that the 1st place winner was in my class after all. We were all getting curious who could’ve been the winner then. Right when she was about to announce the winner, she said “It was hard to pick the first-place winner because everyone did a great job of drawing your picture, but this person had everything that needed to be part of the front cover of the yearbook.” That when Mrs. Barnes announced my name I was so surprised and excited that I was the person whose picture going to be in the front cover of the yearbook. I was so excited during the moment all I wanted to do is go home and tell my parents and my sisters that I won the front cover yearbook. I also told them that I am going to be in the front cover newspaper. After having all of the 5-top winner taking their picture for the newspaper, my dad would go every day to the gas station to see if my picture already came
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