High School Play Analysis

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I was born in Japan, but I’ve grown up in different places. I lived in New York for two years and moved to San Jose and lived until I was four. Then, I moved back to Japan. Therefore, I am not afraid to go other places or move on to next step.
After I graduated elementary school, I was living in Australia. Staying with the Australian family was first turning point of my life. The family had a lot of DVDs at their home, so I watched many kinds of movies every day, for example Star Wars, Back to the Future, Titanic, and Sound of Music. Then I found that watching movies is very exciting because I could go anywhere I wanted through the story. I was fascinated into entertainment and movies at this time and I started to have a dream to go to Hollywood and work in a film studio, and give a dream to other people like I had given from films. My senior year of high school was the second important time in my life. I directed a school play. I wrote a screenplay by myself, and casted my classmates into roles. Also, I managed all budgets for the play and made some costumes and so on. There were so many tasks to do as a director in a school play. While I was directing the
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I focused on high school students as a target while I wrote a screenplay because I was a high school student at that time too. I thought I could write something familiar with students and touch their emotions. The story was about four high school students and the conflict they suffered in the story was the exact same thing that I was faced with which was studying hard for the future and doing nothing or make some good memory with friends. I wanted to make a story to tell everyone has same conflicts and struggling at their age, and I wanted to encourage the audience through the show. Only story I want to make is something influences audience’s emotion and point of view in good
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