High School Satire

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You just sat down to watch the latest teen comedy. You are sitting there waiting for the movie to began; nibbling on your buttery popcorn and sipping on your bubbly soda. When the movie begins two of the main characters are standing next to their locker in the long hallway where lockers line the walls. See that girl standing three lockers behind them getting her Algebra book. Yeah that is me. I know you won’t remember me, but you may see me again later in the movie. I may be sitting one table over from the leading cast at lunch, or I may be be sitting two rows over and one seat behind them in English. You may not see me or recognize me but I’ll be there. I’ve been there all along. This is the story of an extra. Going through school you’ve…show more content…
They usually have a small group of friends that you see them hanging around. They don’t usually talk to other people because they don’t fit in. But don’t mix them up with the loners they’re different. They are; I can prove it. I bet you notice that boy that sits in the back of the class and never talks. I bet you notice that girl at lunch sitting there eating all by herself. Yeah you know those people, you notice them. But do you see that girl in the middle of the classroom or the boy sitting with a small group of friends at a lunch table not to far from your own. No you don’t because they don’t matter to you. They aren’t as good as you; they aren’t in competition with you but they also aren’t so below you that you 're always talking about how pathetic they are. They’re just there. They are the “extras”. See I told you, loners and extras are…show more content…
The teacher never really calls on them. Not because they don’t know the answer or because they are so smart that the teacher wants to give someone else a shot. The hard truth to this is maybe the teachers don’t really see us either. “Extras” aren’t expected to amount to much; they won’t be in top 10% of their class; they won’t move on to be lawyers, doctors or even the president. They will move on from school where they were an extra into the real world to be just another extra. They won’t make a big difference in the world or they won’t be bums on the couch not doing anything. They’ll be that had working class that is just trying to make it buy and provide for their family.
After all this ranting about what “extras” can’t do let me tell you something. We can do anything we set our minds to. We are people just like those nerds, jocks, preps, weirdos, and even the “bad crowd”. We are all just people in this big movie we call high school. Yes some of us may not be the coolest, the prettiest, the smartest or the richest but we are all apart of this school. Even if we are just “extras” here to make the school look
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