High School Sports Analysis

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In my opinion, I think that competitive sports in school have a lifetime of benefits. In this article Kevin Kniffin states that, “Research shows that people who play high school sports get better jobs, with better pay.” In my essay I will be explaining how people who play sports get better jobs and better pay, and how hiring managers expect more out of a former high school student who played sports. In my opposing side I will be explaining how in the worlds smartest countries, school is about learning. However, this minor argument still leads me to the side of Kevin Kniffin.
People who played sports in high school will most likely get a better pay and a better job. For example, people who maybe played football can go into the NFL. As a result, the NFL (national football league) can get you plenty of money that will or could last you a lifetime. In the article, Kevin Kniffin states that, “people who played for a varsity high school team tend to earn higher salaries later in life.” I absolutely agree with …show more content…

I am not being rude but anyone could have guessed that the world’s smartest countries all they cared about was education. I do oppose her views on the other end though because there is no reason that someone can get straight and be a good student but not be in a sport. In her article she says that “…kids’ priorities are shaped.” At the same time I do not disagree with this statement because it is true. Children shape their priorities around sports.
The two articles I wrote about were written clearly enough to get adequate information. These two people although they had different views they were reasonably alike. . However, I still agree with the side of Kevin Kniffin. I personally think that having sports in high school gives students a sense of

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