High School Sports Application Speech

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At Franklin High School sports are taken very seriously and being a five foot three senior it’s not as easy to make the school’s teams anymore for sports such as basketball and volleyball. So when I wasn’t able to play for my school I decided to join a church league where I could still play. I became a co-captain of the team as well as called most of the plays and even learned some great leadership skills. My coach did not have much experience coaching basketball and was only coaching because the team needed one. Therefore I used the opportunity to step up and call the plays for the team along with our other point guard and we ended up getting second place in the league. As you can see I’m not going to stop what I enjoy doing when there is a bump in the road. After my recent tour at Whitewater I’ve learned that if you aren’t playing a varsity sport, there are intramural sports which I would love to get involved in. I am a very active person and playing sports is one thing I love participating in. I’ve been involved with sports since I was about five years old and currently I play lacrosse for my high school and basketball for…show more content…
I believe that not only will I be receiving a wonderful education and experience from Whitewater, but also that I will provide a lot to Whitewater in return. I would love to get involved in the tutoring, intramural sports, starting new organizations, and sharing new ideas that could enrich the community, such as the water bottle bubblers I heard about on my tour. I think it would be amazing to become a Warhawk, to attend the football games in white and purple, to meet new people, to get involved in sports and clubs, to generate ideas to help improve the school, and most of all to be a part of an excellent college where I can receive and incredible education while helping others get one
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