High School Sports Argumentative Essay

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There has been many arguments over students’ lack of concentration in school due to their participation in a team sport; while others believe participating in a sport helps them stay more focused and achieve greater accomplishments in their education. At most high schools in America, sports are very popular and show an important part of a student’s goals. High school sports have a positive impact on students because it makes them be more involved in their after school activities. Students have a more positive affect on their education while being active in a team sport showing a less sign of a struggle during school. First, high school sports are positive because they have a great impact on the student’s education. Evidence that supports this (Source 1) states that “a positive…show more content…
Evidence that supports this is (Source 3) that states “a strong statistical correlation between sports participation and educational attainment.” In other words, while students are playing in a sport, it can really help them stay active and balanced with both school and sports activities. Showing more participation in their sport really shows that they want to be in the team so they try to improve their grades by getting good results. Lastly, high school sports are positive because being in a sport can really increase their attitude toward their school priorities. Evidence that supports this is (Source 4) that states “ both measures commitment are significantly, positively related to lower dropout rates...can be found to be less likely to transfer schools or be engaged in violent crimes.” This simply means that any student who is in a sport is less likely to dropout of school because of improving academically. Having a low dropout rate can really change the student’s working habits in school and
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