High School Sports

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It may seem difficult to decide whether school sports is a good or bad. At first glance, it seems there are pros and cons, but I assure you, only one decision can be made. I know that school sports are bad.
First of all, sports take too much of the spotlight. As a kid, parents highly promote education to children, making them have good grades as their goal. Kids struggle and fight to get to their goal, much like sports, but unlike sports, they don’t get too much recognition if any. In “What’s in the Name of High School Football?”, the text stated “Each Friday before football games, the school is decorated with banners and streamers and mug shots of football players. And on autumn Mondays, the heroes (as defined by catching a TD pass or two) are again up on the walls as icons.” This quote shows the importance of football in high school, but the text goes on to state no other activity
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What you don’t realize is how damaging this can be to them. Kids are very susceptible to change and don’t have a strong emotional barrier to protect them from insults or all of the screaming commotion in the stands. In sports, with how much recognition is bound to have parents who scream and yell at people, which can cause an emotional breakdown in the middle of the field. Also, this screaming and hollering can halt a child’s learning or stop their growth of emotions. People can focus too much in sports instead of education and kids don’t understand why people yell or how to correctly interact with the commotion around them. The text “Are High School Sports Good for Kids?” stated “The general public, parents and society is placing more emphasis on winning than ever before which, at times, pressures athletic personnel to deviate from the athlete-centered educational and personal development mission.” This pressure that is mentioned can really deplete a child’s moral and mentality. However, there is still
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