High School Sports Persuasive Essay

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Imagine you were a high school coach and your team was going to states, but your best player got caught doing drugs in school. You cover it up so that you will win, but the student keeps doing drugs and eventually dies of an overdose. That 's on your hands. Now put yourself in the position where you are failing classes and the only way you can pass is by doing extra work and take time off of your sport. Unfortunately, your sport requires time off from school, and the school won 't even accommodate your schedule. What if you were an athlete and you had a small injury and your coach made you play because it was the state champs and you hurt yourself so you couldn 't play in the future? Some schools are making the passing GPA lower so that they can graduate and continue to play for a college. Many of those student-athletes, about 8 million people took part in high school athletics, Half of those students burn out on their sport because of intense training session and painful injuries. Are these the negative impacts on high…show more content…
What are the health risks of playing health school sports? The dangers of playing high school sports are now higher than ever. The amount of injuries has risen “Since 2000, 145 high-school football players have died from football-related injuries.” This quote is showing how dangerous high school football has now become one of the most dangerous high school sports. “Six have already dies this fall” according to Travis Waldron. “Ben Hamm and Kenny Bui both died from head trauma, Evan Murray suffered a lacerated spleen. The latest one to die was Cam’ron Matthews, told his teammates he felt dizzy, then suffered a seizure.” These stories have brought horror to high school football but most coaches just let is slide and pretend like nothing happened. Dr. Douglas Casa, the CEO of the University of Connecticut 's Korey stringer Institute also said “States and schools , he said aren’t putting the right policies in place of fully protect their
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