High School Sports Persuasive Speech

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The game is closing down, your team is down by 2 points. Ten seconds are left in the game. Your team gets to throw the ball in from out of bounds. The pass is good, your player runs down the sideline... Pulls up to shoot. At the same time a whistle echoes through the bleachers, as fans cheer and boo. Mean time the shot goes in. Could this be the win? That's when you see the refs call, the player had stepped out of bounce, turning the ball over to the other team.
Have you ever played a high school sport? Have you ever watched a Professional sports game on television? If you have then you know what the zebra looking guys do. They are your referrers and umpires . They enforce the rules of the game and if you have ever watched a game or have played in one, we know that we don't always
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The audience doesn't always realize this, as they cheer, boo, or rant. “The rules of the game help, step by step to assist us in these situations. There is always a warning before a technical, or personal foul, followed by an ejection.” He also went on to say,” I don't often use them, most players and fans calm down after the warning.” This goes into the the pressure put on them, meaning that it puts them on the spot to make a decision on what to do. Fans can also make their decision harder to make, by reacting in cheerful or boastful ways.
When these fans get hostile it can scare officials. “One of the worst moments I had, was at a section football game in the evening. We just got done refereeing a very close competitive game, and some fans and players weren't too happy. With a quarter mile walk ahead of us and no escort, we were thinking, oh crap.” The dark lonely walk did not cause any problem but this is another factor they face when they perform their jobs. However, this isn't the only downfall. “Most officials tend to be teachers, so the long drives, and school obviously plays a role in what we
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