High School Sportsmanship

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High school sports offer more than having fun and learning about sportsmanship. With high school sports your future is very bright. Such as academics, scholarships, and if your good enough a future in playing professional sports. With high school sports you can not only learn about sportsmanship but also get scholarships to go to college. Many colleges look into high schools all over the nation for recruiting players to their teams. If you excel in the sport then you will receive letters from the college interested in your athletic abilities. The bigger colleges send "scouts" to observe you while you play or practice. This in turn allows the college to see how well you will perform. As well as allow them to see how you stack up against other students from around the country. Your chances of getting accepted to a college team is greater if you and your team make it to state and win. Then these colleges know that you can play the sport as well as succeeding in that career path. They will then offer you scholarships and may even attempt to recruit you as well.…show more content…
Which means that you play for the college and they pay for your tuition. This is only given to those who have skill and talent for that sport. Or there is a scholarship that offers to pay for your first two years, and even that is a pretty good deal. They may not seem that important to you but getting a scholarship can save you a lot of money and stress. So as long as you work and focus on facing your challenges and increase your success in your sport. There are plenty more advantages of being in a high school sport and how life changing those opportunities can be for you. But those are just brief examples of the rewards you can receive if you work hard and be successful.
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