High School Stereotypes Essay

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Stereotypes are weapons that we can either use to help someone or we can use to hurt them. Most of the students who took my survey have been stereotyped by either race, grades, looks, relationships, and etc. I think us students and young adults have seen stereotypes as a bad thing, because no one really has used a stereotype in a good way and whenever you ask other students for an example of a stereotype it is either about race or gender at the school.

Stereotypes have influenced students at high schools to do unthinkable things before, in our case at Dinuba High it influences students to not say anything about it or if they do, to make it seem like it was just a joke instead of a stereotype. The majority of the student’s in the class survey stated that if they don’t just ignore them or make a joke out of them they either confront them or they prove them wrong, which influences the stereotyper to leave them alone and shows people that they are more than just the label that they are so called “given”. Student’s now in Dinuba High school are not as close, because of these labels that other people have “given” them, which causes the person being stereotyped to pretend to
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We can teach our children at a young age that you shouldn’t judge people on their looks, race, religion, and etc., because that’s unfair to the person being stereotyped. If we were to teach children this the next generation of young adults would be able to see a world without people being stereotyped everywhere they go. We also could have people who use stereotypes but in a positive way instead of a negative way, because now everyone who sees us using good stereotypes will have an idea of how they should use the habit of stereotyping to better our community and
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