High School Students Should Go Back To 18 Essay

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People shouldn’t be judged on whether they had a high school education. Students should be able to leave school before the age 18. The problems in the house follows the student to school where the student is unable to focus on studies. The problems at home may get worse where the student may have to get a job and give up their education to support their family and sometimes themselves. Even though they may not get a good job, the student can go back to school after all is well at home to start school and focus on having a higher education. If students are able to leave school before the age 18 they can help their family survive and support their siblings

Life is so complicated when some families don’t have the resource to support their child at school. When a financial problem hits and someone is forced to go to school the child may be too stressed out to focus on school work. For
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In source one Marissa states “I plan to get myself settled in this job, and then start to work on my GDG.” So she is going to go back to school and finish her education after she is settled in her house that way she doesn’t have to worry about anything else. Sometimes it’s important to leave school in order to survive. If she didn’t leave school her parents might have lost her possessions. So before you stay in school when you know you need to help out at home think of what can happen if you don’t help out.

Students should be able to leave school before the age of 18. Students can’t study or listen to the teacher when they are distracted from their troubled life. Actually, they probably might feel a stress or might have trouble working with other fellow students. When the students are preparing to take action the cost will give up in their education in order to save their family. Students can make their own decision to leave school before the age of
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