Transition To College

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Transitioning from high school to college can be difficult for some students. The transition begins from the moment a high school senior accepts a position at a college. Deciding on a college can be a difficult process, but once a college is selected the advantages of the college are often determined. Once college begins some students discover that the school is exactly what they were looking for, whereas some students discover that the college is not for them. At Mount Aloysius College and other colleges in the state the number of students enrolled has been declining significantly. As a Junior at Mount Aloysius College, I have discovered many things not only about the school, but also about myself. Personally, attending Mount Aloysius College…show more content…
As a high school senior one of the major deciding factors of a school was the size of the college. Throughout public school, I always found that one-on-one is the type of classroom that I did best in. Due to this my main attraction in a school was small class sizes and a small campus. The reason that a small campus was appealing to me was due to the small size of my high school and not wanting the difficulty of driving building to building or having a hundred students in my class. A second advantage to the college is the close proximity to home. The cost of a dorm and living alone quickly adds up and increases the debt that a student has. By being close to home it gave the option to commute to school every day and just live at home. Living at home of course has its advantages and disadvantages, but being a college student most of my time is spent in the Library, writing papers, and working multiple jobs. The close proximity to home is often what causes a student to begin looking at a certain range of colleges. Although the location can’t be changed, some students want to get away or stay near home which may begin the first decision on the college. The final advantage to the college is the overall atmosphere of the campus. It is hard to describe the atmosphere, but in a way, it reminds me of home. From the moment you step foot on campus the closeness of the professors, students, and other employees can be seen through walking down a hall. This atmosphere, small campus, and proximity to home are the three main reasons why I chose and stayed at Mount Aloysius
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