High School Volunteering

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Being in high school is time consuming. With some high schools adding community service as a requirement to graduate, it puts on more time for students. Yes, community service is good on college applications and it helps the environment and what not, but it should be optional. High school has enough requirements which includes certain classes that a student must take. Volunteering should not be mandatory because students already have enough responsibilities; they might have jobs, the need to be social and healthy, and if it’s supposed to be voluntary then it shouldn’t be forced. According to U.S. Weekly, on average, a teacher assigns 3.5 hours of homework a week. If a student had seven different teachers, that adds up to about twenty-four hours of homework in total for one…show more content…
Starting food drives, having a sign-up sheet for people who want to help for different causes, or donating clothes the families don’t use can be done in school and would be helpful to the community. Doing those things would be better than forcing a student to volunteer. Say a student has a scholarship to his or her top college and they don’t have time to volunteer. That would affect their entire college opportunities and, perhaps, career. Volunteering shouldn’t be forced, hands down. Teenagers are always busy. In high school, there isn’t much free time. We have to squeeze in space to sit down and rest or hang out with friends and/or family. Adding volunteering to the mix would make things even harder. Having to deal with school work, possible extra curricular activities or jobs, and the fact that having it be a requirement would defeat the purpose of volunteering are some of the reasons why it shouldn’t be a requirement. As soon as an opening for relaxation comes along, it’s taken. In my opinion, students should not be forced to volunteer in order to graduate high
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