Comparison And Contrast Essay: High School Versus College

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We all look forward to the day of graduation and the day we turn our dreams to reality some find it easy and some find it difficult. I remember being in high school two years ago and thinking about what I wanted to do after graduation as to -- whether I should go straight to nursing school or start off at a community college to eventually transfer to a four year university. In life, lots of students come across transitioning from high school to college to become successful in life and to achieve their goals. Some people find it easy or difficult to transition from high school to college. The reason for this is people fail to realize that high school is way different than college. It is very important for a student to have an open mind for the drastic change their about to encounter in the next four years of their lives. They are both different levels of education that are expanding a student’s knowledge to fulfill their career path for their dream job. Although, there are both similar to one another that involve teaching students to learn both have many differences between each other, I prefer college more than high school based on my experiences. The…show more content…
People fail to realize that high school is easier than college since it involves much more challenging things to do, and both have education roots involved that are different in many ways. From my experience I can honestly say that colleges are much better than high school. However, I learned through my experience that college is better because you get to experience all sorts of kind of things like being a responsible adult, and trying to better yourself with time management skills than in high school. Even though, colleges are very pricey I think it’s worth every penny. Therefore, we can graduate from college and turn our dreams to reality like the way we always envisioned in high
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