High School Without Struggles Analysis

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Whats High School without the struggles? “Start things and finish them”, that 's what high school is really about. We get so caught up with all the drama, rumors, and the partying. That we forget about our responsibilities, grades, and goals. All due to that we are young and we want to have fun, but we sometimes don 't know how to equivalate that with our day to day duties. It 's been an interesting experience for me because I 've noticed that us teens struggle in high school with our grades for various reasons. In my transcripts I 've noticed that they aren 't the grades I know I could have gotten. They aren 't really bad but I know if I gave a little more effort into it I would have raised them to A’s or B’s. A trend that is very visible that i notice is that if i did really good one semester the opposite semester would not be the same letter grade it would be a lower letter grade. An example is my freshman year of english first semester i got a D but the next semester i got a B. Another example is my CORE class environmental horticulture for first semester i got a D but second i got a B. I struggled alot with my geometry class because i would not…show more content…
Im clearly sure that i need to work on my study habits, laziness, and my absence. my parents push me a lot to study because they know how crucial it is to do good in school. they want a good life for me. they always tell me you will have time to party and go out later in life but first focus on your education. i absolutly need to work on my laziness thats the main reason why i dont get my work done. im so smart but i let my laziness get to me and i do my assignments. my attendance in school was really bad last year. maybe that is why i had average grades for both my semesters. my strengths are that when i know that i need to pick up my grades and do better. i actually do try to bring them up. Another strength i have is that i have friends who are willing to help me out and vice versa when it comes to when they

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