High School Writing Strength

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Throughout High School, I learned that reading and writing at some points can be a challenge to me. One of my problems is going off topic when I write essays. I had problems identifying the main points to write about when reading the prompt. Another challenge I have is reading and understanding the main idea of the section I read. In High School, I got in a habit of skimming through reading material, and not taking the extra time to stop and check if I understood the material. I know that these weaknesses can bring a negative effect as a college freshman. One of my main weakness was understanding the material I read. I never was the person to challenge myself with a difficult reading material. I never took the time to stop and see if I understood the section. This impacted me on my essays because reading plays a major role in order for you to write a good essay. One particular teacher in high school helped me improve my writing and reading skills. The advice she told me was to break up the prompt by extracting the most important information. She told me to focus writing about the main idea of the prompt, and to stay on topic. As for reading, my teacher advised me to annotate and stop at some times to see if I’m…show more content…
My performance can be basic or below basic if I don’t prepare for my freshman English class. My weaknesses can also hurt my performances because I won’t have the mental capacity to turn in college level work. If I have the mindset of a not college ready student, then it will bring me consequences with my work habits. I need to improve my weaknesses throughout this course to have a positive mentally for my freshman year of college. When I feel prepared, I won’t have to worry about my weaknesses anymore. This will help me focus more on my future obstacles, thus allowing me to have a better performance in
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