High School Year 7 Essay

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Year 7 shouldn’t be the first year of high school because year 7s might not be confident to be in high school. Its better to wait another year so that they can get more confedent and they might not be ready to be in high school with all the older kids.

They might not be able to do the work that has been set for and the school would have to make the work easier for year 7s and they shouldn’t have to do that just for one year. Year 7s might get scared or bullied in high school. If you send your kid to high school in year 7 they might be scared to be around the year 12s and other year levels, it wouldn’t be a fair to send a year 7 to school because they wouldn’t feel confedent about themselves because they would be the youngest, in high school they are youngest but if they were still in primary
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Which means they might be behind and might feel like they are dumb or something because everyone is ahead of them. Year 7s should have another year to work on everything before they come to high school. They should stay in primary school until finished year 7 because they need time to mature and learn a bit more, before put in high school. Also they need to know that they can’t act like little kids in high school as they are not going to get warnings or time outs it will be worse then that.
Year 7s might not want to be in high school until next year they might want to be in year 7 in primary school maybe they would like to be the oldest in the school so shouldn’t be changed to year 7 the first year of high school because they might want to be in primary school for one more year. It Shouldn’t be the first year of high school it should stay the same as it is now. Kids shouldn’t be forced to go to high school at that age if they don’t want to, so it should stay as year 7 in primary school. Really changing it just
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