Personal Narrative: My Growths And Strengths

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It’s almost the end of my sophomore year and I know Ii didn't do well this school year. I went through a lot but I’m proud of myself for another school year almost done. This year I’ve realize that Ii need to try more and focus better. Although it wasn't my best school year I did achieve some growths and strengths.
At the beginning of the year I was disappointed in myself for retaking math. I also knew that I most likely wouldn't fit in with the kids in the class that mess around or make bad decisions. I can admit I was scared and felt like an outcast in that class. I felt like I was dumb and I really put myself down for failing math last year. Although I let myself down for retaking an easy class, I am glad that I did. I learned so much in
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I myself want to graduate high school and once I turn eighteen, I want to become a flight attendant. I know how everyone says you should go to college well I think I would rather experience and see the world. I want to be able to say I’ve done things say vie seen places that you can’t see n your average everyday life. It’s also hard because I want to make my parents proud. I know how badly they want me to go to college. So the second path that I am currently still debating on is becoming a nurse. I highly want to go to san Francisco state or san Diego state to be in their nursing programs. If I were to become a nurse I know it would make my mom happy to see me pursuing something in the medical field. I know I’m still a sophomore but I should really plan out my future. I don’t want to be stuck on choices or debating my future. I want to have a full set plan for my future. I feel like becoming a flight attendant or a nurse are my two only options that my mind is set on. Most likely over summer I’m going to make a decision so I can use my junior year to prepare me towards that goal and plan how I’m going to get there. I’m also going to use my junior year to do better in high school especially better than my sophomore year. Overall this is just another year filled with struggles, strength growth, future goals, and new
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