High School Zombies Persuasive Speech

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What’s going on? What’s happening? These are the question people ask themselves when zombies come. Let’s say you’re over the schools and you hear that zombies are headed south. What do you do to keep everyone safe? You call the buses tell them to get all the students and staff to the high school. When you get everyone together you tell them what’s going on and explain how to keep everyone safe. After that you need to ask someone if they would like to go get some supplies. Then you should talk to the teachers and the high school students about what to do when you see a zombie. This way you can keep everyone safe.
Getting everyone and tell them what is going on when the zombies come to invade.
Before all the power and radio stops working. Broadcast the news over the radio over and over, making sure everyone gets the news and knows what to do when the zombies arrives. Also, there should be a town meeting, informing the citizens of the town about the zombies. After the meeting advise the people of the town to spread the word of the zombies to their neighbors. So that everyone will be aware of what is happening in their town. Before cellphones and computer stop working send the citizens emails and text messages, spreading the news about the zombie apocalypse. People could go house to house warning everyone
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Have a plan on what to do in case this happens. Knowing what’s going on and know what’s happening is helpful. Making sure you have the proper supplies and knowing what supplies are needed will help. Teaching people you’re around during the zombie outbreak how to kill will benefit you and the people. Knowing and explaining how to prevent the virus from spreading will help reduce the zombies. Knowing what to do and when and how to do it will help you. All in all having the correct plan, supplies, and knowledge will help you survive the zombie
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