High Stakes Assessment Case Study

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1. What are some important steps in interpreting data from high stakes assessments? In order to make assessment data useful teachers must understand what information is being reported and determine if additional information is necessary to understand student performance. Specifically, for assessment results for students with disabilities, teachers would have to identify what accommodations were being used. Also it might be helpful to find out if those scores were included in the schools improvement index. There are important steps educator must take in order to effectively, correctly interpret. One step is to evaluate data for results that are expected or unexpected. For example, is one category of students much lower or higher than expected? Are there certain errors which were made by a significant amount of students? Teachers can compare data between separate schools or different, but similar students, to try…show more content…
Why is it important that students with disabilities have access to the general education curriculum? What are some ways to help these students to access the general education curriculum? If students are limited to only a resource room for their educational experience they run the risk of receiving a narrowed curriculum reduced to practice of individual skills. Exclusion from general education classrooms may also result in lowered expectations because students are not exposed to peers with skills that they are working towards learning. Also, other students would not have opportunity to have a friendships different from those that they already have. Special needs students should be working towards the same academic standards as social goals students of their same age yet with instructional supports and accommodations and modifications as needed (p. 1 IRIS). Excluding them from the general education classrooms could also make it so the students is less likely to perform well on assessments because they have had significantly less exposure to its
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