High Stakes Testing Research Paper

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Why should one test have such a substantial effect on our future? Unfortunately, this is a task one has to perform to get into to get admission into an American university. The SAT or ACT are required in order to apply to any American university. I find this requirement unfair for many reasons. One requirement in particular being the difference in resources that students have to prepare for the test. While some kids are financially stable, and can afford to have training and preparation for these exams, there are other kids who cannot. These kids may not be able to get into a university as they lacked the crucial help and resources to not only pass the test but score as high as the students who have the edge to prepare better. My question is why are American school systems are relying so much on one test to defy a student’s grade or future? Studies have shown that high stake testing like the SAT’s, have cut down on different ethnicities getting into colleges. According an article written by Rebecca Zwick, At the University of California Berkeley, African American enrollment dropped by more than 60% in 1997. The Dean at Berkeley has said: "We...have evidence that the SAT loses us 2,000 Latino students this year alone." This means, that this high stakes testing exam ruins the chances for over 2,000 Latino’s…show more content…
As “Education week 's” Ron Wolk’s has said, “The system failed to educate them adequately, and now it punishes them for not being educated." Ron Wolk is stating that with a school district failing to educate its students, these students have to pay the price by failing the test. High Stakes testing may also affect the district. Low scores could result in the reorganization of schools or a shift of resources to charter schools or private-school vouchers. Who knew that one test could severely damage a community and school
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