Higher Education In Bangladesh Literature Review

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Literature Review:
The positive role of private Universities in the higher education in Bangladesh is now undeniable (Siddique 2005). The epoch-making Private University Act was passed in 1992. To meet the increasing demand for higher education and develop skilled, efficient and competent manpower the then Government felt the need for establishing private universities and approved the Private University Act 1992. Islam S. (2003) states that education was seen as the essential factors for rapid economic growth and formal education controlled by the state, as the indispensable instrument for improving the production capacities of a population. Most countries of the world are now facing the dilemmas of having to satisfy the need of the increased demand for education (Islam S. 2003). Higher education system needs to be flexible if they are to be the most effective (Muzaffar A.T. and Khan A.H. 2004). Education systems need to be able to adapt quickly to changing enrolment levels, to the rise and fall of different fields of study and to changes in the mix of skills demanded in the labor market. Muzaffar and Khan (2004) also argued that open systems are more likely to keep pace with significant external changes.

Field (1991) indicated that the marketplace philosophy will be a necessity in education. Matin M.A. (2003) mentioned that still there is the necessity of many more private universities in the country, but they must not be allowed to grow in an unplanned way’. It should be

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