Highlander's Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement

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During the first half of the twentieth century segregation was the way of life in the south. As sayd in document number 1, Alabama and many other states in the US, especially in the south, were segregated.What it meant is that black people and other minorities were separated from white people. For example, they had to eat in different restaurants, they had to go to black schools and they had to sit in the back of the buses. And this wasn’t all, not only they had to sit in the back of the bus they also had to give up their seat in case there weren’t enough empty seats for whites.

Throughout the years in which segregation was institutionalize many black people refused to give up their seats but one of the most famous was Rosa Park, who did it in
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One of this is the Highlander Folk School on which document 4 is about. Highlander was a center for training civil rights activists and labor organizers and it was really important because of the education it gave to Rosa Parks that eventually led her to to do what she did. In fact, when she came out of this school she felt free, she felt as important as any white person, or even more, this made her realize that not only she didn’t have to follow the rule of segregation, but she could help on the war against them.
Of course, when talking about the montgomery bus boycott it’s necessary to talk about Dr. King, who not only led the movement, but he made it successful.
Document 5 is King’s speech at the Montgomery Improvement Association. In this speech King tells the crowd that is not easy to get freedom (it doesn’t come on a silver platter). People need to have the courage to sacrifice in order to get what they want. He says that they need to take this with the Christian approach, that they shouldn’t be scared if they don’t see the end, because it's coming, and they just need to believe in
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