Highscope: Early Childhood Curriculum

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HighScope Research Paper Introduction HighScope is an Early Childhood Curriculum that believes children and adults learn best by experiencing direct, hands-on interaction with people, materials, events, and ideas (HighScope, n.d, n.p.). This is a principle that has been research for many decades and is the foundation of teaching and learning of HighScope’s approach (HighScope, n.d, n.p.). This paper is going to explain on the history, curriculum, parent involvement, teacher and child roles, and unique characteristics of the HighScope model. History In 1970 Dr. David P. Weikart established the HighScope preschool model. The purpose of this organization was to continue a project he embarked with Ypsilanti Public Schools involving research…show more content…
This means the children have the opportunity to experience direct, hands-on involvement with all the different features that make up the classroom (students, objects, events, and ideas). The student’s interests and ideas are valued in this program, which helps create an environment they can best learn in. Children create plans and act on them, which involves making evaluations and decisions, increasing their knowledge and capabilities. (HighScope, n.d, n.p.) A technique used regularly in HighScope is scaffolding. This is a term based on the work of psychologist Lev Vygotsky. Scaffolding is when adults encourage and lightly extend children’s thinking and reasoning. Vygotsky’s work explains that the area between what children can accomplish themselves and what they can do with the assistance of an adult or another child who is more developmentally ahead is known as the zone of proximal development. HighScope teachers closely observe the students so they know when it is appropriate for them to intervene, helping the student learn more from what the child already confidently knows. When a teacher, or more advanced child enters into this zone, teaching the particular child, it helps him/her move to the next level in his/her development. (HighScope, n.d,…show more content…
All children learn best when active learning components are incorporated throughout the child’s day. The opportunity for children to make plans and choices is a must in this program. It is also vital that students engage in genuine relationships with teachers who are trained to provide appropriate learning opportunities for them in the classroom, but only when the children need guidance. All children have the chance to participate and be supported in HighScope programs. Individualization must occur because each child has different emerging and current abilities. Children with disabilities demonstrate higher levels of engagement when they receive the proper level of scaffolding and environmental support. Ultimately this leads to improved behavior and more interactions. (HighScope, n.d,
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