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Hiking is considered to be a very popular leisure activity in Hong Kong as it provides the people with an opportunity to get closer to mother nature and experience serenity and tranquility by escaping the bustling city life. Going for a hike enables one to connect with the elements of nature such as the flora and fauna in their native state. The city's enthusiasm towards this activity can be proven by the fact that several famous local hiking events attract thousands of individuals to participate in them every year. Some of these are Oxfam Trailwalker, Moon Trekker and King of the Hills. MacLehose Trail, Wilson Trail, Lantau Trail, and Hong Kong Trail are some of the famous hiking trails in Hong Kong.

Currently information such as the description, length, level of difficulty, location and photos pertaining to hiking trails can
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By working with smaller videos and utilizing trial and error we will understand the method better and can then apply the same process to record the hiking trail videos. Another concern that we foresee is related to the weather update plugin. If the HKO’s server is down for any reason, the weather update feature would not be able to reflect weather conditions in real time. By linking the weather update plugin to additional weather sources on the Internet would enable us to overcome such a situation.

Although there are numerous websites related to hiking in Hong Kong, only few of them are able to provide a wide range of information such as weather updates, difficulty level, and time needed to complete about all the major hiking trails. Additionally, none of the websites provide a first person’s view of the trail or panoramic views of scenic spots. After researching many hiking websites, we came across these two websites that do provide pertinent information but are still limited in scope.


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