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Hilary Diane Rodham Clinton once said, “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” This quote is one of her most famous quotes. It tells the people a lot about herself. She doesn’t only care for one person, or herself, but she cares for the people. That is what makes a good person. The ability to realize the world is not centered around yourself. She was born in the year of 1947, October 26 in Chicago, Illinois. She is the eldest daughter of Hugh and Dorothy Rodham with two brother named Hugh Jr. and Anthony. She attended Wesley College and graduated as the class president in 1969. In 1964 she campaigned for Barry Goldwater. She was very active in republican groups as a young woman. After doing so she then went on and earned a law degree from Yale University. She went on to marry a man we all know today as Bill Clinton in 1975. Them both meeting each other there.
In 1976 she worked in Jimmy Carter’s successful campaign for presidency. In 1977 she started working part-time in the Rose Law Firm
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Her intelligence and experience in the white house would better this country. She will be the first of many women to be president. She believes in the separation of church and state and has original plans that would better the United States. We need a president that is not a president that is not only going to care for the internal but also the external problems. We need a president that will the extra mile to end a war and not encourage one. We need a president that will lower the poverty rate and increase the job rate. We need a president that can and will do everything for the people that will make the correct and moral decisions to better the country. We need a Hilary Clinton. Because if Hilary Clinton than who? Donald Trump? He encourages small wars. We don’t need wars. We need peace. And with peace we will

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