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Cameron Highlands
Cameron Highlands is one of the most popular hill resort and tourist destination in Malaysia. It is popular due to its cold weather, its building design of an English village and its huge abundance of farms of vegetation that cannot be found anywhere else in Malaysia. Most of the agricultural produces are mostly produced in this area.
The hill resort was founded by a British surveyor, Sir William Cameron, in 1885. He was commissioned by the British colonial government to map areas that are still undiscovered. He stumbled upon a plateau along the Titiwangsa Range, reported that the temperature around the area was ranged from 8-20˚C and the plateaus are above sea-level, ranged from 1340-1800m above sea-level. However,
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Location The hill resort is located in the highlands in the state of Pahang, specifically about 150km north of Kuala Lumpur and about 20km east of Ipoh. Throughout the highlands consists of many towns and villages, which are all connected by a main road. The towns followed in order from the south is Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, and then smaller towns, where most tourist attractions are found, which are Sungai Palas, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla, Kampung Raja and the Blue Valley. To get there, either go by car, taxi or bus there are two ways to get to Cameron Highlands. One is from the south, from Kuala Lumpur to Tapah through the North-South Expressway. The Tapah exit leads through a long winding road, which leads to the first town on the south: Ringlet. Another way is from the north, from the North-South Expressway through the Simpang Pulai exit, which leads the first town on the north: Kampung Raja.…show more content…
The challenge is to make tourism and agriculture sustainable, and there are many ways to improve it. Agro-tourism is the most popular type of tourist attraction in Cameron Highlands due to its unique crops, especially the tea plantations. As this type of tourism are more popular, more and more farms are built and open because of competition and also greed. Some of the farms can also be open illegally by illegal expats. This leads to environmental degradation. To reduce this is to monitor and limit the number of farms, and remove all illegal farms and farmers. Eco-tourism or nature tourism should be the core tourist attraction, as the forests around the area consists of different biodiversity that cannot be found in the lowlands. The tourist attraction is not popular due to lack of promotion and advertising. To improve this is by upgrading existing trails, develop new trails, and include a package of recreational activities. Such activities can either be ‘passive’, by just looking at nature from jungle treks or nature farms, or it can be ‘active’ by participating in environmental activities. It is important that it should be carefully upgraded that it does not disturbed the

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