Hillary Clinton Ethos Pathos Logos Persuasive Essay

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November 2016, the time everyone anticipates. Election is drawing near and candidates are doing anything they can to get ahead of their opponent. Hillary Clinton's political ad “What He Believes” sends out a strong message. She uses his unprincipled comments against him saying someone which such low moral standards is not fit to run for president. Donald Trump's political ad “moving vans” points out hillarys countless lies and accusations pinned against her, such as 33,000 emails being deleted. Each candidate points out the other's flaws using different methods to make hem more detrimental to the campaign.

Both arguments appeal to logos also known as logic. Hillary Clinton uses donald trump's comments against him and reasons that someone
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The music immediately draws you into it and makes you sway towards what she is stating in the ad. The whole demeanor of her political ad attaches itself to your emotions and makes you feel for what she has to say. She draws you in with the setting of the video in order to make you believe and really take in what she's saying. Donald trumps Trumps political ad appeals to everyone's humour, it copies the format of a popular cartoon sitcom “The Simpsons.” While it not only appeals to humour it also points out all of the scandalous things hillary has along with her and the amount of…show more content…
In many of the videos he is saying or recalling something undisputed and unethical that he has done. This leads her to ask how is someone like this fit to be president, and that he infact is not fit to be our president. Donald trump political ad shows hillary clinton's many scandals and exposes them to a certain extent, it over dramaticized the numerosity of them and makes them seem like there are much more than there actually is. Both candidates use another's accounts against them to say it makes them unfit to be a ruler of this country. They each try to point the finger at one another saying he said this or she did that to make one another look
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