Hillary Clinton Informative Speech

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Children were at school, adults were working, and in the distance a man of color was arrested. All people of different backgrounds and social classes. But in the midst of substantial diversity. They all shared that same morning. It was no ordinary day. Because on the date of October 26, 1947. In Edgewater Hospital Chicago, ‘Hillary Diane Rodham’ was born. Though it would be for thirty more years later that she would be formally known as ‘Hillary Clinton’. In that busy hospital at 8:02 AM, nobody knew, but the world had tilted on its axis. Doctors, nurses, and visitors walked by the room Hillary was welcomed in not realizing they for a split second were in the presence of pure eminence.
Fourteen miles northwest of Chicago in Park Ridge,
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Being passionate about the 1964 race for president, Hillary participated in the mock election at her high school where she indeed helped elect Goldwater. Barry actually lost in a landslide to ‘Landslide Lyndon’. But despite this, Hillary was very active in her high school. Being involved with the student council, debate team, ASB, Leadership, drama club, journalism, and she even helped develop her newly founded Main South High School’s ‘constitution’. Not only did she have an impressive extracurricular resume. But she also was a 4.0 honor student and scored very high on selective tests. Hillary was bright, and made of true intellect. One can only but agree when she applied and got accepted to Wellesley college. Located in Massachusetts, west of Boston.
Hillary’s time at Wellesley proved to be nothing more than a stepping stone for bigger and better things. She became a national hero for student activism when she gave the first ever commencement speech at Wellesley with Senator Brooke in attendance. The most famous lines from her speech were that of attacking policies supported by Senator Brooke. I quote “We’re not interested in social reconstruction,” she corrected the senator, “It’s human reconstruction.” This was her breakout moment in college and she had earned national recognition because of
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