Hillary Clinton Planned Parenthood Analysis

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Hillary Clinton is the democratic candidate running for the United States Presidency. After her husband's term of presidency ended, Clinton decided it was her time to run for presidency. Throughout Clinton's campaign she announces her beliefs on a variety of Americas problems. Such issues as abortion, taxes, immigration, military spend, and gun control all of which cause much distress to the American people. Clinton has stressed her views concerning abortion, saying “I will defend a woman's right to choose. And will defend Planned Parenthood.” Clinton points out that “the constitutional rights does not apply to the unborn.” However, the mother does have constitutional rights, thus having the choice to keep or abort the baby. Planned Parenthood deals with abortions on a safe and legal levil, intriguing to how Clinton views abortion. Clinton understands that abortion can lead to endless feelings of regret, “Summon up what we believe is morally and ethically and spiritually correct and do the best we can with god's guidance.”
Women, who are pregnant and have recent health concerns pertaining to the birth have one question: When does life begin? Clinton admits to this being a difficult question, “I think that the kind of late-term abortions that take place are because of
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Clinton states, “I believe taking care of veterans is part of our solemn duty as americans.” For years Clinton has ben fight for veterans and military families. Clinton has offered a “comprehensive plan to ensure timely access to quality care.” With this plan veterans will have the option of “education, and economic opportunity.” With the way veterans are treated,no person in the right state of mind would want to defend America from upcoming threats. Clinton understands that the time a dedication of a veteran deserves to be rewarded, not casts
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