Hillary Clinton Rhetorical Strategies

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This year’s presidential race has featured two of the most polarizing candidates ever, one of which will have the potential to change the trajectory of politics. Currently, Donald Trump, the Republican nominee is competing against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee and voters could not be more divided. While Trump and Hillary’s use of rhetorical strategies successfully convey their message, their core fundamentals are what truly set them apart. With tensions high, there have been plenty of campaign ads televised for each respective candidate. In fact on October 27th, 2016, Clinton released “Get Ahead”, an ad that slandered the beliefs of the Republican party and discussed the actions she pledged to take if she were to be elected into…show more content…
For example, in Trump’s ad he uses his daughter to further convey his belief for equal pay. In fact, towards the beginning of his ad, a slideshow of pictures featuring Ivanka is shown of her performing everyday activities (posing with children and at work). Furthermore, this approach is used to build a common ground with the audience, so people feel emotionally connected to his message. Student quote. Overall, by using a spokesperson of a different sex, he is able to sympathize with his targeted audience of women more effectively. Similarly, Clinton attempts to use this strategy to convince voters as well. In Clinton’s ad she uses shots of average American citizens to get her beliefs across. Moreover, she features both men and women performing day-to-day tasks (getting ready for work, feeding your children etcetera). Like Trump, she uses strong visuals in an effort to appear relatable and to remind you that she has everyone 's best interest in mind. Student quote. Closing…show more content…
She plans on doing this by closing the wage gap, a current epidemic in the United States. According to her website if she is elected president she will begin with “passing the Paycheck Fairness Act – a bill she introduced as Senator – to give women the legal tools they need to fight workplace discrimination” (“Hillary Clinton: A Fighter for Women and Girls” ). Unlike Trump, Clinton’s policy is much more transparent and clear. With the bill she hopes to outlaw retaliation for those who discuss pay between coworkers and reinforce requirements for employers to prove that the difference in wage is based on work requirements. Student quote. Closing
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