Hillary Clinton Second Amendment Pros And Cons

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Hillary Clinton: Guns/ Second Amendment Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign has taken a strong stance against the Second Amendment of our U.S constitution. She has pledged to ban semi-autos and use tax dollars to promote gun control. Also, Clinton has chosen to use gun violence research as a reason to add to her own political agenda. Gun Control Semi-automatic rifles, are one of the best home defense fire-arm available. Clinton has targeted these weapons, especially those built on the assault rifle (AR) platform, as so called assault weapons. (Keefe pg.8 Nov. 2016 American Rifleman) Clinton announced “That the Supreme Court was wrong on the Second Amendment. And I’m going to make that case every chance I get ” which demonstrates her opposition to the right to keep and bear firearms. (www.nraila.org)…show more content…
Hillary Clinton has said that Sanders wasn’t “tough enough” on guns at a democratic debate. Clinton said that a government buyback program was “worth considering”
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