Hills Like White Elephant Ending Analysis

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Happily Ever After?
When eavesdropping on a person’s conversation who is seated nearby, sometimes you don’t get all the information on what they are talking about. Sometimes you could infer the wrong things or not get the whole story. Since the people they are listening to the conversation of might not tell the full story, the person will not get to know the ending of the story, but if they’re lucky, they might. The narrator in the short story Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway, was not so lucky and didn’t find out the ending or many details of what the couple was disgusting. The story just ended with the woman saying “There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m fine” and the readers got no more information or never found out by the end
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This couple was talking about a very serious topic but didn’t want to make it obvious to the people around them what they were talking about. The man and woman were talking about if the woman should have an abortion of not. The woman wanted to keep the baby, but the man disagreed and thought having an abortion would be best for the two of them. They were always living on the road and never stayed in once place for a long period of time. The man believed this was a good enough reason to not have the baby, but the woman agrued saying the baby could be on the road with them. The man believed “ It’s the only thing that’s made us unhappy” and that “I think it is the best thing to do” but the woman was just worried that the husband will still love her after the operation, if she would do it. After the two were disgusting this while drinking, the women was starting to have enough of the conversation it seemed and kept the man to stop talking. She wanted to the keep the baby while the person she was going to have the baby with didn’t want the same thing. During the whole conversation between the two of them, they never used the word abortion; they never wanted the people around them to understand what they were disgusting. The readers had to come to their own conclusion to the end of the story because it ended with the woman explaining that she felt fine
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