Hills Like White Elephants And The Love Of My Life Analysis

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Selfish Acts Ernest Hemingway’s story “Hills like White Elephants” and T. Coraghessan Boyle’s story “The Love of My Life” both tell their story differently but both has something in common; abortion. “Hills like White Elephants” is about how the American wants an abortion, however the girl is unsure whether she should abort the baby or not. “The Love of My Life” is about a young couple who claims they were so in love but fell apart when they made a mistake. “Hills like White Elephants” and “The Love of My Life” both talks about abortion but both had an different approach throughout the story. “Hills like White Elephant” is a simile and the title means that the couple had an unwanted pregnancy. In this story, the author doesn’t give much information and clues about the abortion. He wants the reader to read inbetween the plot. He uses symbolism to allow readers to find the meaning. The story talks about how the American wanted the girl to have an abortion but the girl was unsure. The author is trying to let the readers know that the male don’t want the baby and is only concern about himself. Throughout the story, the male was sort of manipulating his girlfriend into having an abortion by telling her, “Well if you don’t want to you don’t too. I wouldn’t have you do it if…show more content…
Both story had something to do with pregnancy, abortion, and love. In the two stories, both male wanted to get an abortion. They also were round characters, where their love for their girlfriend changed. The two females still love their boyfriend despite what they went through. Both females are also pregnancy at one point. Both females also did not have an happy ending. The two stories involved an unwanted pregnancy. The elements that can be found in both stories are plot, setting, and characterization. The authors both also had a messaged for the
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