Hill's Prescription Diet Case Study

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Information About Hill 's I/D Stress Formulation

Hill 's Prescription Diets provides a quality Digestive Care I/D, dry dog food that is specially formulated to address stress in dogs. In fact, this food prevents the distress in the gastrointestinal tract that occurs when canine stress or anxiety is present. Veterinarians even prescribe this prescription canine food for those dogs that require behavioural support to avoid gastric issues.

Facts About Canine Stress

Genetics, socialisation issues, lifestyle and other various influences cause symptoms of canine stress. With today 's focus targeted on adoption and rescue, a high percentage of pets spend time in shelters where they miss out on the crucial socialisation stages of puppy hood or
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In addition, the omega-3 fatty acids, effective antioxidants and prebiotic fibre help this formulation be a satisfying, nourishing foundation for a dog 's daily diets. Hill 's Prescription Diets provides a 100-percent, money-back guarantee on its pet foods to encourage pets will thrive on its formulations and reap the benefit of ideal overall health from consuming its prescription diets.

Location of Manufacturing Facilities

Hill 's Prescription Diet manufactures its pet foods in the company 's processing plant in the United States. The company deals with sources in North America, New Zealand and Europe for its high-quality ingredients. Dogs must gradually change over to their new food by Hill 's Prescription Diet over a period of seven days to ensure the transition happens without incident. For optimal results, dogs should only eat the dry Prescription Diet dog food along with the same formulations of Digestive Care I/D canned food and treats.

The dry Hill 's Digestive Care I/D dog food provides a number of benefits to canines and their owners. Veterinarians prescribe this food as an effective tool to improve the health of anxious or

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