Hillside Strangler Case Study

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The Hillside Strangler's mental illness 2 The hillside strangler killings involved the suspects of Kenneth bianchi and Angelo Bono. It can be questioned if Kenneth actually committed the murders, it may have been Angelo committing the killing and Kenneth just aiding him in the process. During trail Kenneth claimed to have dissociative identity disorder, an illness where there are multiple personalities inside your brain and your primary personality has no idea that they are existent. Kenneth was found to not have this illness after examination but was the examination correct with its findings. Kenneth claimed to have been lying about having the illness after…show more content…
Kenneth Bianchi displayed signs of having dissociative identity disorder during the sessions he spent under hypnosis. It was under hypnosis that Kenneth took on the for of Steve who was an aggressive offender who had no empathy for the murders he had committed, Steve was able to look at all the photos and point out what he had done without feeling or showing remorse for his actions. When conducting the psychological assessments Kenneth was not able to recall what had happened between the switching of his personalities. When Kenneth switched from Steve he could not recall how the filter was placed into his cigarette or how his rosary was placed on the table. People with Dissociative identity disorder will feel like they have jumped time due to them not being aware when they are in another dissociative state, they will have no recollection of what they have done or where they have been. In Kenneth's case he was unaware of his actions during his time as Steve under hypnosis, we was also oblivious when asked about the crimes that he had committed. People with dissociative Identity disorder have the onset occur in early
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