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Gulf relation with UK (Benefits of Hilton Hotel to Gulf)

Abdulaziz Amadi

Emerging from the economic turbulence of the Gulf War, hotel overbuilding, and the recession that rocked the hospitality industry in the 1990s, Hilton Hotels Corporation faced a pressing need for a new, comprehensive approach to creating value in its hotel operations. Before Hilton was opened in 1980, many consumers used to consume processed products, full of chemical, addictives and preservatives. Others were threatened by the genetically modified food which was traded largely in the market.

The hotel is one among the most known United Kingdom and worldwide hotels. In 1999, the hotel expanded assertively by obtaining the Hampton
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This has been recorded as low since some hotels in Pennsylvania have had an increase of about 4.1% for the last two years. As well the competition has become stiff in USA and most emerging hotels have better caravan parks, and hotel and motel style facilities. In the resent research, there were found to be about five hotels within a 50 kilometers radius. This has brought about high competitions and numerous products into the market not forgetting various additional services offered. As a consequence, there has been a decrease in the number of Hilton Garden Inn customers. Although Hilton Garden Inn has done expanded accommodation and lowered their prices but this has yielded less. The number of branches located in various areas is also affected by similar factors. The CEO and marketing personnel have therefore recommended a fresh marketing…show more content…
One of the techniques used was the provision of smart cards that serve as the loyalty cards used by the customers on every visit to the company to earn points based on the amount of shopping they made. At the long run, the clients were rewarded basing on the number of points acquired by use of gifts. This strategy worked out in that the customer were at all times eager to come to the company for any shopping so as to be rewarded and this earned a lot of profit to the hotel. In the same way bigger market share was captured. The smart cards in this event bonded the customer to Hilton hotel. Having the problem of overstocking that could at times ruin the company’s profit margin; Hilton had to take a strategic action to ensure that the problem which occurred initially was not repeated. Overstocking could be solved by the company’s stock personnel being keener. More opening of daughter companies was meant to decentralize the stock and in the same way expose the stock to wider market thus raising the profit being
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