Hilton Hotel Relationship Model

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According to the ‘return on relationship’ model, satisfied employees help to produce satisfied customers. Satisfied employees are more willing to assist customers with a more pleasant manner and a higher level of customer service. This creates a more satisfying customer experience, increases customer loyalty, and ultimately results in increased profitability. If employees behave in a professional, yet inviting manner, they are able to please customers and make the business environment more appealing. Conversely, low employee satisfaction and overall low employee morale can negatively affect company operations greatly, causing dissatisfied customers and decreased profitability. As Hilton Colombo is in to service marketing sector and mostly…show more content…
Board of Directors As per the Power/Dynamism matrix (Fig 1.2.2 in the audit) board of directors fall under the category high power and high dynamism which means hotel needs to pay their attention mostly to them because they are powerful and their reactions are difficult to predict. The Board of Directors of Hilton, Hotel Developers (Lanka) PLC is committed and takes responsibility in maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance. It is the responsibility of Hilton to uphold the highest standards of business integrity, ethical values, transparency and professionalism in all its activities with them. Phillips, Robert (2003) authors have discussed main responsibilities of Directors. Accordingly in relation to Hilton Colombo it can be derived as follows. • Providing entrepreneurial leadership for the Company. • Formulating corporate strategic goals, values and standards. • Reviewing performance so that the Company could fulfill its obligations to its…show more content…
This model compares the expectations of the customers with their perceptions providing an idea as to whether the organization succeeds in meeting customer expectations. Reliability The consistency of the hotel service and whether they are able to perform the promised service accurately are focused by this. • Timely accommodation: indicates dissatisfaction of the customers due to reasons like limited room capacity, difficulty to make reservations etc. • Room delivered to customers: shows that Hilton has delivered more than the customer expected level. That is due to the proper adherence to 5 star standards to provide luxurious, attractive, modern and comfortable accommodation to the customers. • Facilities of rooms: Hilton has included all the required amenities for the comfort of their customers that is why it has positive

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