Mentoring Case Study: Hilton Worldwide

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Mentoring Mentoring is a form of coaching in which a more experienced manager helps a less experience protégé. Mentoring also as the part of the coaching and it is very important in the work place especially those who are in the servicing sectors. For the company like Hilton Worldwide these processes are very important because it is related to the customers’ satisfaction. The way Hilton motivate their employees are by creating their own culture. Because Hilton Worldwide is the well-known company in the world, the way they approaching theirs employees are different and it is based on the culture in the certain culture. But the important is to achieve their goal. Each of the team leaders in Hilton must demonstrate the highest standards of the…show more content…
This is the based guidelines for Hilton employees to follows. This is because; they are responsible for their own actions. So, based on the mentoring process the company can make sure that no others mistakes can happen during servicing their customers. As said earlier, their management can result on the customer’s satisfaction. Mentoring also can make sure that all the unethical behaviour is prevent. This is because mentoring process is about the experience sharing between the managers and the…show more content…
• Ownership: We are the owners of our actions and decisions. • Now: We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline. This Code of Conduct would be placed his worker in a highest ethical standard, which is basically are apply on all theirs team member around the world. Hilton Worldwide also provided a website, so it is easy for the customer if they faced an unethical behaviour or services from their worker. So, from the response that they get through customer, it will help the team members with confidential way to report about the wrongdoing within the company and all the improper or violation of the code of conduct. These codes of conduct are different for each Hilton Worldwide division. Because its also depend on the law in the certain country. Hilton Worldwide is focussing the Team Members to make a report regarding any the violation that happen in the company. There are a few business ethics that Hilton Worldwide focused in: 1) Fair Dealing This is occurs during the dealing with their business partners, competitors and their Team Members. This means, they always practices an ethics about never take unfair advantages on anyone during the dealing process. 2) Advertising and

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