Hilton Worldwide Hotel Case Study

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2.2 Most often used types of affiliation
The level of the internationalization of a hotel is calculated by number of the countries that the company is presented, but also by considering the number of rooms that hotel operates internationally to the number of the rooms that the hotel has. (Martin, 2007) Thus, in order to measure the level of the internationalization of the Hilton Worldwide hotels we should see in what countries the hotel operates and what types of affiliation it uses. The most commonly used types of affiliation are: ownership, management contract, franchising, marketing consortia, leasing. Ownership is the type of affiliation when all the properties are owned privately by people or companies. Blackstone Group had private
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In fact, in 2015 it was the second hotel chain in the Worldwide ranking of the hotel groups(Hotel-online, 2015) with 4278 hotels and more than 708000 rooms all over the world. The Hilton Worldwide has hotels in more than 86 countries.
In about 100 years since founding Hilton has established 13 world-class brands, that are famous in the world, the most recognizable of them is Hilton.
For example according to the data on the official web cite (Hilton Worldwide, 2016) we can see the hotels and locations of Hilton hotels.
On this map we see all the Hilton Worldwide brand hotels, and it is eye-catching that most of the hotels are concentrated in the American continent: in the USA in particularly, also the greatest stock of the hotels is in Europe. Thus we can think Hilton hotels tend to enlarge their geographical allocation all over the world. For that they have great opportunities: They have very famous and well developed brand, they already have their offices in all the continents, and they have multiple brands that can be easily launched in different markets.
Plans for further
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From this we can see that the company has further going plans for future development, committed to growth across their portfolio of brands.

Feature 2013 2014 2015
Award winningMarket leading brands 10 12 13
Rooms 678630 715000 1000000+
Properties 4115 4322 4610

From this table we can see some of the main features of this hotel chain and they have developed in the last 3 years.
Also, it is impornat to admit that Hilton keeps expanding it’s geographical borders and in 2014 it entered Myanmar, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Also lately Hilton Worldwide introduced to new brands Curio-A Collection by Hilton (June 2014) and Canopy by Hilton (October 2014). They both plan to get hundreds of hotels in the coming 5 years.
Hilton Worldwide’s number of rooms under construction are 18.7 % off the world’s total number of the rooms under construction, and this number is about 4 times bigger than today’s open rooms’ number.

RegionYear 2013 2014 2015
Americas 558.801 581.000 611.000
Europe 59.797 67.000 74.000
Middle East and Africa 20.145 21.000 22.000
Asia Pacific 39.887 46.000 51.000
Hilton’s pipeline recently increased by 35.000, which means about 1.350 hotels with 230.000 rooms in 79 countries.
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