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Himeji castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan it’s beauty has stood the test of time as even though it has existed for hundreds of years it remains an amazing sight and shows how amazing the Japanese are at building and gives us an insight into how castles were buil

As of the time that it was built in the defenses found inside the castle where advanced and helped protect what was inside. The castle has around 1000 loopholes which are holes that allow the defenders of the castle cover whilst shooting down at the attackers with their guns or bows leaving very few options for the attackers to deal with the defenders. The castle also has angled stone chutes that would allow defenders to be able to safely drop hot oil or rocks
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Himeji castle was expanded upon, remodeled ,and rebuilt until 1618 when Honda Tadamasa made the final additions to the castle adding 3 towers to the castle making it even larger than it was before. This event led to today where Himeji castle is the largest castle in Japan as it’s 83 buildings span 2.6 miles in circumference making this castle not just the biggest in japan but one of the biggest in the world. Himeji castle is also one of the very few castles in Japan to have never have been destroyed and is one of the very few that was never attacked and this shows as the wood inside of the castle is very old and brittle. Even though the castle is very old it is still beautifully built and shows the hardwork and effort and precision that the Japanese put into everything they did. The beautiful white that covers the castle makes it one of the most beautiful if not the most beautiful castle not only in Japan but in the world and has become iconic for being one of the best preserved. The Castle has even been seen in movies such as james bond “you only live twice” and “Kagemusha”. In 2015 the castle was restored to try and recreate what the castle looked like hundreds of years ago and the restoration makes the 152 foot tall castle look

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