Hinda Kibort Analysis

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The Holocaust of Nazi Germany, World War I created a new stigma about warfare. During WWI Adolf Hitler the German leader created what is known as the Final Solution, (252). This Final Solution was the creation of a system of camps that were specially build for the incarceration or extermination of the European Jews, (252). Hitler’s mission was to rid Germany of Jews and eventually the rest of Europe. Jews were captured and forced into camps where they faced horrific treatments and many times death. Still, many survived the terrible abuse and have shared their stories. Among the survivors of “Hitler’s Fury,” are Sam Bankhalter and Hinda Kibort. Though both the memories of Bankhalter and Kibort readers learn that the Holocaust was a terrifying time in…show more content…
The Jews may have suffered the most, but the damages were felt across nations. Jews from Germany were not the only ones captured by German soldiers. At the Stutthof camp, Kibort encountered women from Hungry, Czechoslovakia, and Belgium from all over Europe (256). The Russians are the ones who ultimately saved Hinda Kibort. According to Bankhalter many born in America have a harder time fulling understanding and relating to the Holocaust (254). This is not to say that they did not feel the effects of the war. It is now important for people to understand the consequences of the Holocaust. The Holocaust is very important to remember. Taking the accounts for those who have survived the abuse of concentrations camps, is the best way to get an idea of the severity of the time. Jews lost their place in society and were stripped of their choices. The loss of life was amongst the more tragic. Although a specific group of people were targeted, all people living during and after this time have felt the repercussions. Understanding how the Holocaust happened and knowing how to prevent something of its magnitude from reoccurring is the most important thing to take away form
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