Hindenburg Disaster Lab Report

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Hindenburg Disaster Name __________________________________ 1. What was the Hindenburg? ____________________________________________________ 2. Who built it? ____________________________________________________ 3. How was the Hindenburg used? ____________________________________________________ 4. What was the gas that inflated the ship? ____________ 5. How was lift created? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 6. What was the disaster? ____________________________________________________ 7. Where did the disaster occur? ___________________________________________________ 8. Why do you think it happened? _________________________________________________ 9. What was the gas used the lift the ship? See any problem with the gas?…show more content…
Where did the ship take off from?_____________________ 11. Who was the ship’s captain? _________________________ 12. What was the function of the cells on the ship? ___________________________________________________ 13. Describe the weather conditions at the time of the landing? ___________________________________________________ 14. What was the”mushroom shaped flower”? __________________________________________________ 15. What was the metal used for the frame of the ship and why do you think that type of metal was used? ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 16. How long did it take for fire the consume the ship? ____________________________________________________ 17.How did many of the passengers and crew get off the ship? __________________________________________________ 18. How many died and how many survived? __________________________________________________ 19. What was the effect on Airship travel after the
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